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Are You Afraid Of The Dark On DVD

Have you ever watched the series “are you afraid of the dark” ? If yes, then, you may have experienced the feeling of contentment that comes after watching it. This series was telecasted on Nickelodeon channel and it has a lot of fans world over. It has a very exciting and impressive story due to which it has become the most popular television series. It is also known as the “AYAOTD”.

It is a story about the group of kids. They refer their group as the “Midnight Society”. They would meet once a week at a top-secret place in the woods. Each member of the group would tell a different story to the other members of the group and it was compulsory for every member to tell a specific story each time. “Ayaotd” is a horror cum science fiction series as the TV shows like “Tales From the Crypt” and “Tales From the Darkside”.

Each kid of the group had a different style of storytelling. The kids would tell different themes of stories like if a kid told a vampire story, the other kid would tell the story that revolves around aliens. There were many other paranormal themes filmed in “are you afraid of the dark” that includes witches, ghosts, goblins, haunted houses, Dracula, magical curses, etc. Although, sometimes the kids in the series would tell the stories related to the events happened to them.

All the kids of the group would gather around the campfire in every episode and before the beginning of any story in the series “Ayaotd”, the storyteller would loudly speak “Submitted for the approval of the The Midnight Society, I call this story…” . Moreover, when the storyteller would complete his/her story, then one member of the group, usually Tucker or Gary would throw water on the illuminating campfire from the red basket.

The First Part of “are you afraid of the dark” ended up after a period of 5 years. Later, the same show was restarted by the new directors, however, they entirely took up the new cast. The theme of the story was also changed. The Second Part concluded in just a period of 1 year.

This reinvented story was not surprising and interesting as the first part. Some of the famous television actors who performed in this series are Christopher Castile, Tatyana Ali, Laura Vandervoort, Daniel Clark, Frank Gorshin, Ryan Gosling, Laura Bertram and Kim Schraner.

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Why Entertainment Important In Your Life

Happiness is very powerful and foremost medicine that produces long life for you if you are happy this mean you have the everything. Happiness reduce your stress & tension so in this era people are finding happiness all around because life is covering with so many obstacles and has become hectic.

 Every person well know music, movies and episodes that create some joys in your life and during the watching time you forget your all snags and difficulties, today so many episodes that encourage you for achieve success on your difficulties. Some decades ago, when people have limited sources of the entertainment that time, they had watched and listened episodes.

These days you have so many sources of entertainment that brings lot of happiness for you. Every person have own choice some like movies, episodes, with different kind such as horror, comedy, action, myth, fantasy, love and so many. Every episodes and movies have own story that encourages you do something or supremely helpful for take correct decision in your life.

When I was small children that time I also watched episodes for become happy guy, because it produce joy for me. My favorite TV serial “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” this was horror show, in this serial teenagers told scary story to one another and every week they started new story that enhanced interest for every fan of this show.

Nowadays lot of DVD sets are available in the market of the popular and horror TV show. I have bought set of seven DVD’s that are covering with 91 episodes and seven seasons. All DVD’s are original and crystal clear print, whether your also fan of AYAOTD serial then you can purchase DVD set of from all popular episodes with affordable price.

Are You Afraid of the Dark – First Season

Welcome returning to one of the most awesome reveals of your child years. Are You Afraid of the dark is exciting and functions, fantastic storytelling. Just enough scary is combined in to offer a excitement without frightening the bajeezus out its potential viewers of children in their low teenagers. Don’t be confused, though. This display can be experienced by all age groups. Observe it, and you’ll really like it.

Are You afraid of the dark is basically the Evening Location for children. The plan is a little brighter and the information aren’t as deeply, but a identical excellent prevails here. The makers obviously thought about this display. But, enough of my ramblings, let me tell you about what the display contains.

The primary assumption is that every Sunday, a list of kids satisfies to tell frightening testimonies around a fire. They call themselves the Night time Community, and each participant takes a turn providing to life a tale designed to surprise and unnerve. Then the display changes to the viewpoint of those inside the tale, and, while they may combat valiantly, few of the periods end gladly. I love scary in common, and this display is many more frightening than your regular frightening film.

Aside from those telling the reports, each display features a fresh set of celebrities. Sometimes someone will appear more than once, but that usually indicates they are experiencing the same character many times. The fantastic of the celebrities is always very affordable, especially for a kids screen. Most are very younger, and, yet, I can’t think of 1 one that I preferred to strangle. I haven’t analyzed, but it certainly wouldn’t impact me if several efficient celebrities got their start on this screen.

This show is done well by everything. The illumination and common shooting are fantastic, places are reasonable, and most everything else varies from appropriate to fantastic. Even the computer graphics, while somewhat unusual, are amazingly fantastic.

This period begins out a little poor with periods that are only slightly terrifying. The display got gradually better across the period to the factor that some periods are truly creepy. The best is “The Story of the Black Music” where a kid understands to combat at a intimidate in a way that will appearance the relax of his own lifestyle. Other excellent periods include a guy getting stuck in the fantasy-based pinball device and one where a couple of X-ray eyeglasses allow the individual to pear into another aspect.

Total, I am very like this display and am grateful I sat down and re watched it. I’ll put my entire ranking below but keep in thoughts that this ranking is how excellent the individual would probably discover this display. If you have any attached to reminiscences of the sequence, liked the Evening Location, or like lighting scary and suspense, you could probably add a factor or two.

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Buy Ultimate DVD Of Popular Episode Are You Afraid Of The DarK

In this era too many source of the entertainment like Television, Computer, Radio, but decades ago only two main source of the entertainment Television and Radio, Radio used only for listing but Television used for watch and listing both, so T.V is most popular during invention. People watched latest news and attain valuable information form both kind of sources. Both entertainment sources are available this time.

While the free time mostly people spend their time front of the Television, they watch T.V serial, movies and news, thousands for serial play on different TV channels, different people have different choice. Some people watch horror, comedy, Documentary and much more.

I have write two more posts about “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” and this one is third. Are you afraid of the dark most popular horror TV show, in this story group of teenagers who mention themselves as The Midnight Society and their living place is wood. Every week one member tells story to other group members. This is very interested story due to well play of the teenagers.

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Are You Afraid Of The Dark

Television serial is best source of the entertainment, people watch serial while the free time some people produce free time for their favorite TV show. Different people have different choice, some like fictional, and some like non fictional, all kind of TV show enhances the interest of every person.

 In this article, I would like to talk about one horror serial it’s name is “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” , you have read thousand article and blogs that provide entire information about this serial. In this horror show kids teenagers who played great role, they lived in wood and told the horror story to one another. This horror show most popular that time, due to well performance of teenager kids.

Nickelodeon was the best serial before are you dark of the afraid show. It was horror, fun just for kids. The ghost serial covering with typical good and evil kind of stuff. Are you dark of the afraid show appeared on TV with weekly story, every week people watch new story.

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Buy Seven Seasons of Are You Afraid Of The Dark Episode

Are you afraid of the dark is very famous horror television show, mostly people know about it. Teenagers guys play good role in this show they called themselves as the midnight society. This is weekly series after week they play new story, all member of this series tell the story to other members There is a secret place in the woods, where all the teenagers performing the series gather and one member start telling a new story to other members.


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