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Are You Afraid Of The Dark On DVD

Have you ever watched the series “are you afraid of the dark” ? If yes, then, you may have experienced the feeling of contentment that comes after watching it. This series was telecasted on Nickelodeon channel and it has a lot of fans world over. It has a very exciting and impressive story due to which it has become the most popular television series. It is also known as the “AYAOTD”.

It is a story about the group of kids. They refer their group as the “Midnight Society”. They would meet once a week at a top-secret place in the woods. Each member of the group would tell a different story to the other members of the group and it was compulsory for every member to tell a specific story each time. “Ayaotd” is a horror cum science fiction series as the TV shows like “Tales From the Crypt” and “Tales From the Darkside”.

Each kid of the group had a different style of storytelling. The kids would tell different themes of stories like if a kid told a vampire story, the other kid would tell the story that revolves around aliens. There were many other paranormal themes filmed in “are you afraid of the dark” that includes witches, ghosts, goblins, haunted houses, Dracula, magical curses, etc. Although, sometimes the kids in the series would tell the stories related to the events happened to them.

All the kids of the group would gather around the campfire in every episode and before the beginning of any story in the series “Ayaotd”, the storyteller would loudly speak “Submitted for the approval of the The Midnight Society, I call this story…” . Moreover, when the storyteller would complete his/her story, then one member of the group, usually Tucker or Gary would throw water on the illuminating campfire from the red basket.

The First Part of “are you afraid of the dark” ended up after a period of 5 years. Later, the same show was restarted by the new directors, however, they entirely took up the new cast. The theme of the story was also changed. The Second Part concluded in just a period of 1 year.

This reinvented story was not surprising and interesting as the first part. Some of the famous television actors who performed in this series are Christopher Castile, Tatyana Ali, Laura Vandervoort, Daniel Clark, Frank Gorshin, Ryan Gosling, Laura Bertram and Kim Schraner.

The complete series has been transposed into the set of DVDs that contains all the seasons. You can avail these DVDs from the DVD selling websites online that are renowned and certified.

AreYouAfraidOfTheDark.info sells exclusive DVDs of the popular series Are you afraid of the darkworldwide. The DVDs cover all the episodes and seasons of the Ayaotd.

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